Complete projects of architecture & public space
Project & management of building renovation works  
Feasibility studies
Urban planning 
Project & construction management
Technical statement & documentation
Architectural studio. The partners are currently three architects, Rosa-Mari Portella, Pep Sala and, until 2017, José Ribera, all of them with more than twenty years of professional experience. Our main work is directed to several areas, like public facilities and cultural buildings, rehabilitation, individual and collective housing, retail, public space and interior architecture. We are committed to the preservation of the architectural heritage, the social value of our work and the environmental sustainabilityWe work in synergy with other professionals to ensure responsible and sustainable results. In all our works we develop the conception, feasibility studies, design, management process, construction economics and monitoring & supervision of construction works.
Rosa-mari Portella Mur (1966) Architect, ETSA Barcelona UPC. Architectural heritage, individual and collective housing, rehabilitation. Previously Camp Arquitectes
Pep Sala Piera (1966) Architect, ETSA Barcelona UPC. Leader of a social neighborhood organization. Facilities, public space, rehabilitation. Previously Camp Arquitectes
José Ribera Hermoso (1961-2017) He was an architect from ETSA Barcelona UPC. His main work was urban planning, construction management and rehabilitation. We continue with his work.
Patricia Noguer Gudiol Administration.

Júlia Pallarès Ortiz architecture student 2021.

Ferran Llaudet Esparrach architecture student 2020-2021.

Albert Ferraz Xufré architecture student 2019-2020.

Guillem Arcas Jansana architecture student 2017-2018.